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How To Accentuate The Positive

(Need to See IT, Sep. 27, 2022)  Jane Hulme, HR director at Unum UK, reveals five ways to promote a positive mindset.

Unum UK Signs Menopause Workplace Pledge

Unum UK joins over 1,000 employers who have signed the Menopause Workplace Pledge to support the Wellbeing of Women campaign, including The Federation of Small Businesses and NHS England.

Unum Technology Solutions Offer HR Professionals Support

Unum (NYSE: UNM) has a suite of tech-forward solutions in response to the growing needs of employees in a competitive talent market. According to recent Unum research, two of the top HR challenges in the workplace are support for employee’s mental health and employee attraction and retention.

How Small Businesses Can Attract and Retain Employees

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economies and small business administrators are among the most talented multi-taskers. Here are some employee retention tips to help make business run smoother.

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