Supplier Diversity

Learn how we’re creating a healthier supply chain by providing opportunities to diverse suppliers.

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Our Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Unum Group recognizes that supplier diversity contributes to economic growth, can lead to expansion of our markets, and is a testament to our “We Are Unum” values. We also recognize that there is true value in partnering and fostering relationships with qualified, experienced and value-driven suppliers of all backgrounds.

Diverse suppliers deliver unique and creative product and service solutions, innovative ideas, and have a positive impact on our customer relationships, the business community, and the population at large. Therefore, we are committed to the development of a robust supplier diversity program, which enables us to build a strong and competitive supplier base that is reflective of our diverse customer base and communities.

As part of our overall commitment to inclusion and diversity at Unum Group, we’re deliberate and intentional in growing a supply chain that reflects our strategy and values, as well as the communities we serve. We can achieve this by providing access to fair, transparent, and equitable opportunities for suppliers.

This will help us grow and expand the Unum business, and shareholder and customer value by strategically focusing on and developing partnerships with diverse-owned business enterprises as a part of a value-added strategy that creates a substantial competitive advantage and builds economic strength in local communities.

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Supplier diversity is more than a strategic choice; it reflects a commitment to growth, innovation, and a dynamic business environment. At Unum Group, a diverse supplier base serves as a catalyst for fresh ideas, a mirror of our diverse customer base, and a connection to the communities we serve. By intentionally cultivating relationships with suppliers of all backgrounds and perspectives, we are not only upholding our core values but also fostering a marketplace brimming with creativity and opportunity.

Rick McKenney
President & Chief Executive Officer