Inclusion & Diversity

At Unum Group, we have a longstanding commitment to Inclusion and Diversity (I&D). We know that each employee’s unique perspective, experience and background equips us to better serve our customers and be successful as a a company. Leveraging this diversity of thought helps drive innovation that is crucial to our success. 

At Unum Group, Inclusion and Diversity is not just an initiative.  Appreciating our differences is a core part of who we are. 

Our I&D strategy centers on creating a culture of belonging and inclusion where our employees see themselves in every aspect of our business. Optimizing diversity of thought requires inclusive teams.

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Ensuring that every employee feels like they belong is critical to our success. By leveraging our diversity of thought, we effectively serve customers, communities and each other.

Rick McKenney
President & Chief Executive Officer
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As part of our commitment to become the most inclusive workforce in the industry:
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We are a proud partner and signatory of Disability:IN, the leading non-profit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide.

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We are a signatory of CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, one of the largest CEO-driven business committed to driving measurable action and change in the workplace.

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We are a signatory of the Race at Work Charter and a Stonewall diversity champion in the United Kingdom.

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I am proud of our longstanding commitment to inclusion and diversity. Collectively, we are creating an equitable and inclusive environment where every employee can be their authentic self and thrive.

Valoria V. Armstrong
Chief Global Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Inclusion & Diversity Awards

We’re at the top of our industry, and staying there means we move quickly, drive change and expect results. As a result of our dedication to excellence, Unum has received several awards and recognitions.

Inclusion Network

Our I&D team works with key stakeholders to deliver our strategy across the enterprise. Known collectively as the Inclusion Network, the I&D Advisory Board, Employee Networks, and Inclusion Business Champions work to advance Unum Group's I&D strategy throughout the business and within our communities.

At the heart of our Inclusion Network, we promote engagement, education and employee growth and development through our Employee Networks (ENs). Our ENs serve as the voice of our workforce and a vital resource to build community, increase cultural competency, and create connections.

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Inclusion Business Champions

Inclusion Business Champions represent each functional business area within our organization and help create departmental action plans to build on our successes and drive enterprise wide I&D initiatives.
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I&D Advisory Board

The board has oversight of our Employee Networks and works directly with the Chief Global Inclusion & Diversity Officer and the I&D Team on their success. This group of leaders provides insight into the enterprise wide I&D strategy and support to achieve goals set by the Employee Networks.
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(LGBTQ+ Employee Network) The bePROUD goal is to assist members of the LGBTQ+ community to bePROUD of their sexual orientation and gender identity, build community, network, and share their experiences with the company.
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(Disabilities Employee Network) The enABLE employee network goal is to enABLE the organization to be more inclusive of people with disabilities, build community, network, and share their experiences with the company.
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(Multicultural Employee Network) The UNITEd employee network goal is to UNITE employees of all cultures through shared experiences to build community, network and share their experiences with the company.
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(Gender Equity Employee Network) The upLIFT employee network goal is to upLIFT all genders through shared experiences to build community, network, and share their experiences with the company.
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(Military/Veteran's Employee Network) The weSERVE employee network goal is to cultivate understanding in the experience of veterans, current military, members of military families, and military ambassadors while building community through shared perspectives, awareness of lived experiences, and exploring ways to improve the corporate experience for the veteran employee population.
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Supplier Diversity at Unum Group

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity includes not only our workforce but also the businesses and organizations we partner with for goods and services. By providing equitable opportunities for diverse suppliers, we’re able to ensure a healthier and more innovative supply chain.

Latest inclusion and diversity News

Latest inclusion and diversity News

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