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Tag: services

Unum HR Connect Delivers Record Growth

Unum marked a milestone month in September with a record number of employers choosing Unum HR Connect to help save time when managing employee benefits.

Unum Technology Solutions Offer HR Professionals Support

Unum (NYSE: UNM) has a suite of tech-forward solutions in response to the growing needs of employees in a competitive talent market. According to recent Unum research, two of the top HR challenges in the workplace are support for employee’s mental health and employee attraction and retention.

Unum Vaccine Verifier

In anticipation of the federal vaccination and testing mandates, Unum will offer a digital solution to help employers verify vaccination status and manage testing compliance and exemptions. 

Chronic care whole life rider

Companies have a new option to customize financial protection benefits for their workers, thanks to an enhanced whole life insurance plan by Unum (NYSE: UNM). 

Unum Behavioral Health Solution

Unum Behavioral Health is now available to employers to help promote and support their employees’ mental health.