We Are Unum

We Are Unum is a set of core values to drive how we show up to deliver on our purpose and achieve our goals.  These values serve as a guide for the journey we’re on together and a guide to help both current and prospective employees know whether Unum is the place for them.

Our Employee Values

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A Passion For Acheiving Results

Every day, we tackle the challenges of changing markets, find new ways to be the best, and deliver on our commitments. We’re at the top of our industry, and staying there means we move quickly, drive change, and expect results.

An Unwavering Customer Focus

Each of us makes a difference. The work we do helps people when they need it most, and we all understand what’s at stake with every customer interaction and every decision we make.

An Appetite For Smart Risk

We try new approaches and make bold decisions, but we always stay disciplined. Innovation moves us forward, but we won’t compromise our reputation to get there.

A Willingness To Own It

We take responsibility for our actions and careers, own our decisions, and learn from experience. Trying new things means sometimes they don’t work, and that’s OK as long as we acknowledge it, learn from it, and move forward quickly.

An Appreciation For Differences

We celebrate the contributions of every member of our team, and we value the diversity of perspectives and experiences that make us a stronger company.

A Caring Spirit

We care about our communities and about each other. Giving back to the places we live and work is central to who we are, and that caring spirit extends to the respect and support we show our colleagues.