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Program Overview

What are the Unum Global Supplier Awards?

The Global Supplier Awards Program started in 2013 as an annual awards program, and is Unum’s way of publicly acknowledging exceptional, best-in-class supplier performance. The Supplier Awards seek to highlight partnerships with suppliers that offer solutions to improve Unum’s competitiveness in the marketplace and raise internal awareness of the importance of our strategic suppliers’ role in Unum’s success.

What are the award categories?

The 2014 Supplier Awards program awarded two categories:

  • Supplier of the Year
  • Supplier Breakthrough Award


What are the criteria for each award category?

The judging committee judges suppliers on the following criteria:

  • Quality
  • Cost performance
  • Customer service
  • Technical performance
  • Management
  • Sustainability
  • Value to business


What are the benefits of this program to our suppliers?


  • Allows our suppliers to better understand Unum’s values and expectations to help foster effective relationships
  • Creates a greater awareness within Unum of our network of suppliers
  • Award winners can communicate internally to motivate and encourage employees
  • Award winners will receive a personalized award for display in their facility
  • Award winners will be mentioned on Unum’s corporate website


Who were the 2013 award winners?

Supply Management hosted awards dinners in the U.S. and U.K. to formally present the awards and celebrate with the winning suppliers. Two awards were presented:

Two awards were presented:

  • Innovation Award – Vodafone
  • Supplier of the Year – GENEX Services, LLC


Who are the 2014 award winners?

The 2014 awards went to American Express (Supplier of the Year) and Blue Rubicon (Supplier Breakthrough Award). They will receive their awards at dinner ceremonies on July 29.

Where can I get more information?