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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhen does the nomination process open?
AUnum will begin accepting nominations via the nomination form on November 1, 2014.
QWhich suppliers qualify?
AIn order to qualify, supplier must be of strategic importance to Unum.
QWho can make nominations?
A(1) Strategic supplier can self nominate.
(2) Internal Unum contact can nominate in partnership with strategic suppliers.
QWhere can I submit a nomination?
ABoth internal Unum contacts and strategic supplier must submit nominations via the nomination form.
QWhen does the nomination process close?
ANominations must be submitted via the nomination form before January 7, 2015.
QWho is the Judging Committee?
AInitial review judging is performed by 10 randomly selected internal program champions. Finalist judging is performed by a select group of senior business leaders across the enterprise. Final winners are reviewed by the executive governance board.
QWhen does the judging process begin?
AThe judging process begins in January and will consist of initial review of nominations.
QWhat is the judging criteria?
ASuppliers will be judged on quality, management, sustainability, performance, cost performance, customer service, technical performance and continuous improvement.
QWhen does the judging process end?
AThe finalists will be selected by February, and final winners will be chosen and announced in May at the Supplier Awards event forum.
QWhat if I have questions?
AShould you have questions or comments at any time regarding the Global Supplier Awards program, you can send an email to