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Unum celebrates exceptional work of suppliers with the annual Global Supplier Awards program, hosted by Supply Management. Suppliers play a key role in ensuring Unum’s successful operation, cost efficiency and service delivery to customers.

Unum Global Supplier Awards

Fill out and submit the form below by January 7, 2015.

Nomination form

Important: The information you provided in the Unum contact name and Unum contact email fields are used to categorize the nomination submission.
Please make sure the information is accurate to avoid error.

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Provide a narrative of your performance relating to each of the relevant criteria below. The narrative should provide specific details and actions taken. The length of the responses is limited to 4,000 characters. Please provide enough information to allow the evaluating team to make an informed decision based upon facts and data.

  • Quality
  • Cost performance
  • Customer service
  • Technical performance
  • Management
  • Sustainability
  • Value to business


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