Worcester Public Schools

2018 marks the second year of the Unum Strong Schools grant program in Worcester, Massachusetts. Mini-grants will be awarded for up to $1,500 for literacy-based projects, lessons and materials in Worcester public schools for grades K-3.


Grants will be awarded based on whether the project:

  • Is based in educational research on best practice
  • Enables students to read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade
  • Directly improves student achievement in fluency or comprehension
  • Explicitly develops students literacy strategies
  • Explicitly develops students critical thinking skills
  • Outlines measureable results that can be modeled as best practice
  • Can be adapted for use by other teachers

Teachers may apply for the literacy mini-grants to benefit students and classroom instruction. Individual teachers may apply for grants for up to $500, two teachers may apply for up to $1000 and groups of three or more are eligible for up to $1,500.

Application and deadline

Grant applications will open on February 23 and run through May 4, 2018 at midnight.

Awarding of grants

A committee representing volunteers from a cross-section of the community will review the applications anonymously without regard to applicant name or school. Recipients will be notified of the awards and invited to an awards luncheon.

Grant guidelines

Funding obtained through this grant may be used to purchase equipment or to provide field trip transportation when incorporated into a lesson plan and not a stand-alone event. Equipment and trips should be just one component of a well-planned unit of instruction. The following will not be eligible for the mini-grant program:

  • Capital improvements
  • Classroom furniture
  • Playground equipment

All proposed projects must enhance the classroom curriculum and support some specific educational initiatives within the school. Grant recipients will be asked to complete a brief program summary at the end of the project. Teachers may only apply for one grant per year.

For questions regarding the Unum Strong Schools grant program for Worcester Public Schools, please contact Leah MacLeod, lmacleod@unum.com via email.


Tell Us About Yourself
Tell Us About Your Project
List student's present achievement levels regarding fluency and comprehension.
SMART(Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant/Realistic, Timely) regarding fluency and comprehension.
List the evidence-based practices used to increase fluency and comprehension.
List materials or resources necessary for this to occur.