Doing Business with Unum

Unum welcomes vendors who share our philosophies and who strive to provide innovative, high-quality services, technology and products at competitive pricing.

The following is information about Unum's philosophies with regards to Environmental Commitment, Risk Management, Safety and Security Practices and Supplier Diversity.

Environmental Commitment

Unum is proud to support responsible initiatives that minimize our impact on the environment and help create sustainable communities. We work hard to achieve this goal through conservation efforts, affiliations with organizations committed to developing sustainable communities, and fostering a culture of responsibility among our employees. We expect vendors to reflect our commitment to sound environmental practice, and encourage them to develop and supply goods and services that help improve our and their environmental performance.

Risk Management

Unum seeks to mitigate risks on an enterprise-wide basis through the review of business processes. Unum seeks vendors who share the philosophy of cost-effective risk mitigation through best practices and the utilization of corporate insurance where warranted.

Safety and Security Practices

Unum strives to provide a safe and secure environment for people and assets through the provision of security and safety programs which minimize risk and injury in the workplace. Vendors working on Unum premises are expected to comply with the same security and safety requirements as our employees.

Supplier Diversity

At Unum, we are committed to diversity in all aspects of our business, including those suppliers and partners who share our values of integrity, quality and efficiency. The success of minority-, women-, and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises (MWDVBEs) enriches the communities in which we live and serve. As part of this commitment, we offer MWDVBEs an opportunity to compete on an equal basis with other suppliers to provide quality products and services to us while delivering outstanding value to our shareholders.