5 simple ideas to jumpstart your mental health and wellbeing journey

Mental wellbeing plays a vital role in how happy, productive, and engaged we are in our personal and professional lives. Just like physical fitness, mental wellness requires nurturing habits that empower you to face life’s challenges with resilience. As we navigate an ever-evolving modern world, it can be difficult to know where to start.

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re spotlighting five simple ideas to jumpstart your journey to mental wellness both within and outside of the workplace.

  • Practice Mindfulness: set aside a few minutes each day to practice mindfulness. Paying attention to your thoughts and surroundings can help bring you into the present moment and reduce stress.
  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: it's easy for work to spill over into our personal lives. Setting boundaries is crucial to prevent burnout and maintain work-life balance.
  • Cultivate Supportive Relationships: building strong relationships and fostering a supportive work environment can positively impact your mental wellbeing. Take the time to connect with your coworkers, ask about their day, and truly listen to them.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: it's easy to get caught up in the demands of work and neglect our own needs. Step away from your desk, go for a walk outside, or engage in activities that you enjoy during your breaks.
  • Seek Proactive Resources: it can be daunting finding trusted support. Many employers provide programs and resources that provide tools to support employee mental health.

According to a recent study, 78% of workers agree that it is their employer’s responsibility to make sure employees are mentally healthy and emotionally well. Unum Care Hub’s behavioral health solution, Unum Behavioral Health, gives employees easy access to personalized support, resources and tools that meet employees wherever they are on the mental health spectrum .

Additionally, Unum Care Hub provides expert support that spans other key areas of need such as caregiving, maternity, digestive health, and chronic pain management.

Learn more about our behavioral health solution and other resources available as a part of Unum Care Hub.

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