Educating employees on mental health support

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five U.S. adults experience mental illness at some point.

During Men’s Health Month in June 2024, men are being encouraged to actively seek help for mental health issues. The workplace is one place to start.

A 2023 University of Oxford study, Workplace Wellbeing and Firm Performance , found that global employers increasingly recognize the importance of employee well-being, with many offering mental health support resources.

HR managers are increasingly taking note and prioritizing mental health and well-being in the workplace. The 2024 Annual Employee Benefits Trend Report by NFP’s emphasizes, “healthy, resilient employees are more engaged, productive and better able to handle stress.”

A company’s sales organization plays a vital role in helping clients and brokers with well-being strategies:

  • Financial protection—Colonial Life voluntary insurance benefits can help offer financial support. NFP’s report reveals that even with workplace support, economic stress is a major concern. Sixty percent of employees report struggling with basic expenses, which impacts their focus. Additionally, NFP highlights that 49% of employees saw an increase in out-of-pocket mental health costs last year.
  • Benefits education – Gallup reports that less than half of U.S. workers are aware of their employer’s mental health offerings. There’s a big opportunity to educate employees on their available resources. Our mission is to support America’s workforce. Finding solutions to help alleviate their biggest challenges, including mental health, is something we can strive for every day.

With guidance from internal and external partners, employee well-being can substantially contribute to corporate success and employee satisfaction.

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