Growth – an essential element to our success

by Julia Keyes

It is no secret that ongoing growth and development are essential for individual and collective success. Our 175-year history is a testament to those who proactively seek improvement and bring creative solutions to support our ongoing enterprise strategy.

With an organization spanning incredible talent, everyone’s journey reflects career growth in different ways. 

Angela Williams

For some, the journey begins in college. It was then that Angela Williams first joined Unum Group as a summer intern working in the Robotics Center of Excellence. After graduation, she transitioned to the Professional Development Program (PDP) and today serves as a Director in the Digital Transformation Organization, helping manage the Stop Loss Journey.

“Through Unum Group’s investment to those early in their career I have been able to take advantage of several opportunities to grow and develop,” says Angela. “The benefit of working for a company so large is that there’s always someone new to meet or something interesting to learn across departments, organizations, or even across campuses.”

Angela says the learning and development she’s witnessed extends beyond programs and policies to the people who define who we are. “My peers, colleagues and mentors have always been willing to contribute their time and guidance. Now that I’m more established in my career, I always make it a point to give back.”

Wendy Walker

For Wendy Walker, Assistant Vice President in Corporate Strategy, the mindset of looking for opportunities is an essential element to the success of her nearly 45-year tenure. “Union Mutual was my first career job,” she says. “I was fresh out of high school and invited to join the marketing team. Back then my primary tool was a typewriter. We still used white-out to correct typos (in triplicate). Flash forward to today, I get a front-row seat in determining our continued growth strategies.”

Wendy’s career journey reflects on her approach to take chances and learn something new. “If you see a job that intrigues you, or a gap that you can help solve, go for it,” she says. “Submit the application, have the conversation, or put the proposal together and take a leap. These jobs have always been the most rewarding to me.” 

Rosmaris Torres

Growing our career often has special meaning when it involves a shared purpose that positively impacts the lives of others. This is especially evident for Rosmaris Torres, Bilingual Dental Vision Benefits Advisor II. Her career journey started in Colonial Life’s Contact Center and then transitioned to claims. After taking a brief career break to be home with her son, she didn’t hesitate in her choice of employer upon returning to the workplace.

“Once I had my second child, I decided to be a stay-at-home mom for a while,” said Rosmaris. “Deep inside, I always knew I would come back. Sure enough, once my son began Kindergarten, I joined Unum’s Dental and Vision Call Center.”

When reflecting on how Unum Group stands out compared to other employers, she says “The growth opportunities within the company are endless and Unum continues to expand providing new job opportunities.”

Rob Quell

Openness to try something new and go outside his comfort zone (or country!) is especially true for Rob Quell, Vice President of Broker and Special Market Development. Because of his smart risk mindset, his 14-year tenure includes experience supporting several different areas of our organization, living in four of our operating locations and completing an executive MBA for international business.

“Taking smart risks has led to some of my biggest professional successes,” says Rob. “There have been times in my career where I left a successful role to try something new, gain a new experience or skill and build perspective… while it was risky for me personally, it provided invaluable perspective that I now use to help make strategic decisions for our organization.”

Core to personal and company success is a culture that enables employees to develop personally and maintain work-life balance. “The benefits and culture at our company have allowed me to build a family and live a lifestyle that I’m not sure I would experience in other places,” says Rob. “It’s not often that a leader at a Fortune 500 company can have the flexibility to coach three young kids in recreational sports. Because employee development is at the heart of what we do, our culture of caring for others and driving success reflects in the impact we have towards our customers, our communities and one another,” says Rob.

Since 1848, our history of growth and a driven purpose not only makes our customers’ lives and communities better, but it also helps each of us lead rewarding lives. 


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