Why a career at Unum?

Our culture

Proud of how we work

We think work is a subset of life, not the other way around. Which doesn't mean we don't work hard. We sure do.
But we have perspective. We have balance.
We spend time with our families. With our communities.
We're active. Engaged. Involved.
We work together. And enjoy each other.
We're generous with our time. Our ideas. Our spirit.
Always helpful. Truthful. Respectful. We listen. We learn. We laugh. We say what we think.
Sometimes we have to rock the boat. But we make sure nobody falls out.
We believe in diversity. But we're all part of the same family. A family you'll be proud of.

Proud of our history

To some people, history is a story of irrelevant things and people who lived long ago. Not to us.
To us, history is a living, breathing, vibrant story of how we got to where we are today... and where we're heading tomorrow.
Since 1848 (the same year as the founding of the Washington Monument), we've been a monument to strength, protection, leadership, service, and innovation.
Our story of new and industry-leading products and processes adds another provocative page each and every day.
Come be a part of our history. It's something we all feel proud of. And part of.