Unum orientation usually begins on your first day and continues through the first 12 months of employment. Orientation consists of the following components:

  • Initial communication, forms and information e-mailed to you through the New Hire Portal

  • A half-day classroom (or web conference for employees in the field office) where you will learn more about Unum Group and be introduced to Inside Unum, the company's intranet and your window to the latest news and information regarding Unum

  • An ongoing orientation process that includes learning various aspects of your new role and department as well as self study programs that will build your knowledge of the company's business, products, customers, competition and the marketplace

The overall goal of orientation is to help you obtain a solid understanding of Unum and build relationships with your manager and co-workers in the process.

The following checklist was designed to help you arrive prepared on your first day of work if you work in a Home Office location. (Employees in Field Offices — please follow the instructions in your Workday Onboarding.) It includes important information regarding the documentation you must bring with you as well as logistical information about parking, the building location and other details.

What to bring on your first day

Tax forms

  • W-4 form: bring your completed form

  • State tax withholding form: bring your completed form (Glendale, Portland and Worcester employees, or if your state of residence has a state income tax)

Identification material

  • I-9 form: bring your completed but unsigned form (you must sign it in front of a Unum witness)

  • Proper identification: acceptable forms of identification are listed on the back of the enclosed I-9 form

Unum forms

  • Direct Deposit or Mode of Payment form: bring your completed form

Where to go

See your employment offer letter.

What to wear

Read the Dress Code Policy linked to your Workday Onboarding. Unum's dress code is business casual.