Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Unum is a unique place to work

Unique in our mission to help people when they need help most.
Unique in our history from a tiny office in New England before the Civil War, we now rank 258 on the Fortune 500 and protect 25 million people around the world.
Unique in our range of job possibilities from finance to legal to benefits to underwriting to HR to IT to field sales to marketing to customer service.
Unique in our culture. We work hard but never lose focus on our families and our communities... we believe in living balanced lives.
Unique in our locations with offices from the Atlantic to the Pacific... and across the Atlantic.
Unique in our benefits. 
Unique in our social commitment. We don’t just pay lip service to helping others... last year, we paid $13 million to charitable organizations.
Unique in our attitude. You’ll know it when you feel it.

Find your future at Unum

The employee benefits landscape is rapidly changing, and we need individuals with the expertise and know-how to help us meet this challenge head-on.

We’re looking for proven professionals with broad-based business or insurance industry experience who are comfortable leading people and projects and can hit the ground running.

You can find out more about Unum, browse current job opportunities, or keep reading to learn about the types of positions we offer for experienced professionals.

  • Actuarial and finance

    Actuarial and finance employees manage the pricing and reserve support for our businesses. We have a robust development program that provides a rich learning environment for all levels. Our training and leadership conferences help you deepen your knowledge and build experience.

  • Benefit operations and services

    The Benefits Center manages claims handling and many customer service responsibilities. Roles in this area require excellent service skills and daily interaction with people on claims, employers, health care providers and specialists. Opportunities are available in the claims, quality assurance, appeals, and management areas.

  • Clinical and vocational staff

    Working closely with our claims professionals, our clinical staff provides medical expertise on complex claims and evaluates treatment plans for accuracy. Our vocational staff provides vocational guidance in understanding occupational requirements and supports claimants in reaching their RTW goals. Roles include RN clinical consultants, vocational rehabilitation consultants and physician medical consultants (doctors).

  • Client service

    Client service employees work directly with our clients and brokers throughout their relationship with Unum. These professionals introduce our products, assist at the point of sale, implement cases and provide ongoing service of the account. Positions are located in both primary operating centers and field offices. Opportunities are available in the management, account consultant and customer service specialist roles.

  • Sales

    Unum sales consultants build long-term relationships with brokers and other industry professionals. They work with those intermediaries to develop employee benefit solutions for the broker’s client companies. As a sales consultant, compensation stresses pay for performance with no ceiling on earnings, and an initial salaried training program is provided. Get more details about field sales careers at Unum.

  • Human resources

    HR professionals manage the productive use of people to achieve a company’s goals while meeting the individual needs of the employee. Positions are primarily in home office locations. We have opportunities throughout a range of HR disciplines, including our benefits, compensation, employee relations, business consultants, learning and development, and recruitment areas.

  • Information technology

    IT professionals provide technical support, including application development and software maintenance and planning, in partnership with all business functions within Unum. Our IT department is divided into: 1) business applications and 2) operations and marketing technologies. Get more details about IT careers at Unum.

  • Legal and regulatory affairs

    Unum’s legal and regulatory affairs responsibilities are divided into several specialized teams that are closely aligned with business partners throughout the company. Unum offers defined paths for advancement to attorneys and paralegals.

  • Marketing and product development

    Marketing consultants and insurance professionals with MBAs and business consulting experience are responsible for product development and implementations, market research and strategy, market analysis and marketing communications.

  • Underwriting

    Underwriters evaluate applications for insurance policies. They assess the probability of claims payment to specific individuals or employers. Deciding which policies to underwrite, and how they are priced, affects the financial wellbeing of the company. Unum provides extensive training and opportunities for growth and advancement.