Beginning Your Career

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Start here, and start making a difference.

Recent graduates often feel they’ve reached a fork in the road:
Do you choose to do well?
Or do you choose to do good?

We’d like to offer a solution:
You could choose Unum... where you’ll do well, and you’ll do good.
We provide 25 million customers with financial protection benefits when the unexpected happens.
We hire smart, caring, passionate people.
Then, we train you. Challenge you. Reward you. Promote you.
You’ll do well. You’ll do good.
And have a career you’ll be proud of.

Proud of our growth opportunities

We have exciting opportunities in Benefits, IT, Underwriting, Finance and Customer Service.
And all areas provide training and mentoring.
Because we don't believe in standing still.
We believe in growth.
Growth through increasing mastery of an area you love.
Or growth through developing new areas of expertise.
Or growth through experiencing new offices, new cultures, new countries.
Growth adds energy, excitement, opportunity, advancement, success.
Ready to grow?

Proud of creating leaders

Here's how we do it.
We find smart people.
Then help them become smarter.
Through extensive and expansive internship, training, and development programs.
JFK said, "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
We couldn't agree more.

Leadership Development Programs
We offer three distinct, robust programs providing the customized professional experiences required to become leaders at our Fortune 500 company. See what program is right for you.

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Browse and apply for all available job openings

For more information regarding our sales positions please visit our field sales page.

Actuarial Development Program

Gives candidates the opportunity to work in various rotational assignments and be mentored by actuarial leaders.


Learn more about the internship opportunities we offer for undergraduates and MBA students.

Professional Development Program

Learn more about our PDP program which gives you opportunities to work in various areas of the business and be mentored by senior leaders.