Our leadership

Our Board of Directors

Unum boasts a highly experienced and knowledgeable leadership team.
Unum’s board is comprised of leaders from a number of industries and institutions, all of whom bring key qualifications, skills and experiences that contribute to the board’s effectiveness as a whole. It is tasked with responsibility for corporate governance, and is kept informed of the company’s business by reviewing materials provided to them, discussing matters with individual members of senior management, and attending meetings of the board and its committees. The five standing committees – Audit, Risk and Finance, Governance, Human Capital and Regulatory Compliance – are comprised entirely of independent, non-management directors.

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Our Senior Officers

Rick McKenney photo

Rick McKenney
President and Chief Executive Officer

McKenney is president and chief executive officer of Unum, one of the world's largest providers of financial protection benefits.

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Jack McGarry photo

Jack McGarry
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

McGarry evaluates and establishes overall financial strategy for Unum, and oversees the various financial functions for the company.

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Lisa Iglesias

Lisa Iglesias
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

As general counsel, Iglesias is responsible for the legal affairs of the company, including transactions, finance and investment law, corporate governance and reporting, regulatory matters, compliance and litigation.

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Peter O'donnell photo

Peter O’Donnell
President and Chief Executive Officer, Unum UK

As CEO of Unum UK, O’Donnell leads our U.K. business, which holds a commanding market share in that country, and ensures that business delivers on its strategic objectives.

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Tim Arnold

Tim Arnold
President and Chief Executive Officer, Colonial Life

Tim leads our Colonial Life business, a key provider of voluntary employee benefits in the workplace.

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Michael Simonds

Michael Q. Simonds
President and Chief Executive Officer, Unum US

Simonds leads our largest business, Unum US, a leader in providing benefits to employees at the workplace.

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Breege photo

Breege Farrell
Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Farrell is responsible for designing and overseeing Unum’s investment and asset management strategies.

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Joe Foley photo

Joe Foley
Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Public Relations, Unum Group

Foley is responsible for all corporate marketing strategy, consumer insights, communications, and community relations. He also oversees the company’s reinsurance operations in Europe and the United States.

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Diane Garofolo photo

Diane Garofalo
Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources

Garofalo is responsible for human resource strategies including talent management, compensation and benefits, work environment philosophy and HR policy.

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Puneet Bhasin
Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Officer

Puneet Bhasin serves as Chief Information and Digital Officer for Unum. In this capacity, he oversees the execution of Unum’s comprehensive, long-term information technology strategy.

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A culture of trust

Unum has been named one of Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies, a recognition to our corporate governance efforts.