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Thought Leadership

Understanding the issues and impacts of employersponsored benefits helps us design services that meet our customers' needs now and into the future. To help us anticipate those needs, we partner with leading institutions and organizations in the U.S. and U.K. to research the economic impacts of illness and disability—and the difference employer-sponsored financial protection programs can make.

We've supported several key studies during the past three years, including:

  • study by leading global research firm Charles River Associates showing that income protection benefits offered through the workplace can protect as many as 575,000 families from poverty each year, saving U.S. taxpayers as much as $4.5 billion annually.
  • Research by Charles River Associates and Demos, a British think tank, demonstrating that the British government could achieve similar savings if more employees had group income protection coverage.
  • A joint survey on disability conducted with the Consumer Federation of America that shows individuals in the U.S. need, and are willing to pay for, disability coverage if their employers provide the opportunity.
  • A U.K. study conducted by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex showing that three out of four people who leave work for health-related reasons remain out of work 12 months later—and that nearly one-third of those who leave for illness or injury fall into poverty.