Green initiatives

Our environmental stewardship

Unum’s commitment to environmental responsibility is a promise we made long ago to our shareholders and to the communities where we live and work, and it’s a promise we continue to nurture through sustainable business practices and the dedication of our employees. Our stewardship focuses on four areas: buildings, culture, education and community.


Approximately 36.5 percent of Unum’s leased facilities are located in a LEED-certified or Energy Star-certified building. We’ve also worked hard to develop sustainable and efficient work spaces by replacing older equipment and making improvements in operational scheduling, reducing energy and water use as a result.


Employees are encouraged to practice sustainability efforts every day. We promote the reuse and recycling of office supplies, and provide single-stream recycling for common items. We also have permanent recycling stations for batteries, printer cartridges and electronics. And, we encourage our employees to carpool through our RideShare programs or cycle to work by offering bike cages in our parking garages.


Our annual companywide Earth Day and America Recycles Day activities promote greater awareness of environmental issues.


We engage our communities through outreach and service. In 2012, we gave away and planted 300 evergreen trees, and our Green Team gives annual Earth Day and America Recycles Day presentations to local elementary schools. We also ask employees to recycle old cell phones so victims of domestic violence can use those refurbished phones in case of emergency.

Since 2008 Unum has:
  • Reduced energy consumption by more than 14 percent
  • Reduced carbon footprint by almost 17 percent
  • Reduced water consumption by almost 19 percent
  • Recycled more than 56,000 tons of paper
  • Recycled more than 1.5 million pounds of building materials
Recognizing our commitment

Unum has made the Newsweek Green Rankings list of the top 500 Greenest Companies in America since 2009. In 2012, Unum was ranked #34 and ranked #5 out of 53 companies in the Financial industry sector. Unum is also one of only five insurance companies named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North American Index.

Environmental Purchasing Policy

Unum is committed to making purchasing decisions with environmental considerations in mind. We promote environmentally conscious manufacturers by using products that are recycled or can be reused, without sacrificing quality, safety or effectiveness. Learn more about our environmental purchasing policy.